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Vietnamese Green

Vietnamese Green

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Vietnamese Green is grown and processed by the female run Tan Huong Tea Cooperative in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam. Cupping Notes - Dry leaf: Single plucked leaves are dark emerald, blue green; long wiry twisted leaves. Wet leaf: Unfurled leaves appear less blue while still very dark green. Aroma is reminiscent of Bi Lo Chun. Liquor: Pale yellow-green, bright, vibrant color with no clouding. Cup Character: Obvious green tea, similar to Chinese green tea, with a typical vegetal profile; more specifically, mild asparagus with a hint of sweet pea on the front. Good lingering mouth feel. Unlike some green teas this gets milder as it cools and does not exhibit any bitter characteristics making it a good choice for iced green.


Vietnamese Green Tea

Brewing Instructions:

Measure 1 TBSP per cup (8-10oz)

Add 175° water

Steep tea 3 minutes

Remove tea leaves and enjoy

Multiple steeps encouraged