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Elderberry Hibiscus

Elderberry Hibiscus

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Elderberry Hibiscus is a burst of berry balanced by citrus, hibiscus and green tea. Indulge in a unique blend of flavors reminiscent of an artist's colorful palette. Elevate your senses with every sip.


green tea, elderberry, hibiscus, spearmint, natural flavor, blueberry, licorice root

Brewing Instructions:

Measure 1 rounded tsp per cup (8-10oz)

Add 175° water

Steep tea 3 minutes

Remove tea leaves and enjoy!

The following is provided for informational purposes only. 

Elderberry contains compounds that reduce inflammation in mucous membranes and has antiviral properties. It is commonly used for allergy, cold and flu relief. 

Hibiscus tea is a rich source of antioxidants. Several studies have found that hibiscus tea may lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.