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Apricot Oolong
Apricot Oolong

Apricot Oolong

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Apricot Oolong is a dreamy blend of Huang Jin Gui oolong and apricot pieces, resulting in a truly remarkable cup of tea. Sourced from the Anxi county of Fujian province, Huang Jin Gui is a lightly oxidized premium oolong with a light golden hue and delicate floral fragrance, earning its translation "golden osmanthus". Whether you savor it hot or iced, this tea is sure to be a delightful experience!

Ingredients:  Huang Jin Gui Oolong, Apricot pieces, natural flavor

Brewing Instructions:

Measure 1 level TBSP per cup (8-10oz)

Add 185° water

Steep tea 3-4 minutes

Remove tea leaves and enjoy

Multiple steeps encouraged